Ginny Priz... The Single Handed Serenity Coach

Life Coach Speaker

Ditch the Drama

Finally, learn how to access God’s promises of joy and freedom (no matter what the world throws at you).

Do you find yourself frequently asking these questions:

  • Why is life so hard?
  • Why do relationships hurt so much?
  • Why can’t I get peace?
  • Will I ever be good enough?

These are big questions. Important questions. Relentless questions.  They are also the wrong questions to ask if you ever want to experience the deep peace of the Lord.

“It was the questions themselves that kept me stuck,” says Single-Handed Serenity Coach, Ginny Priz. “By trying to find out why people hurt me or why each situation was unfair, I stopped myself from actually accepting the pain and moving on.


“Eventually, I grew determined to ditch the drama in my head and in my relationships. I became tireless in my applying the Serenity Prayer to all situations, people, and emotions in my life. The effect has been astounding for me (and many others). I believe it will be just as transformational for you.”

Ditch the Drama equips readers with the right questions to help them navigate difficult emotions and relationships, discover (or rediscover) their identity in Christ, and experience joy and freedom in any situation.

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